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Car convex mirror: Expert buying and using experience

Blind spots on the rearview mirror are one of the obstacles that make it difficult for drivers to move on the road. There have been many unfortunate collisions and accidents that occurred due to the blind spot obstructing the driver’s vision when driving. Although manufacturers have tried to improve rearview mirror models.

However, there are still blind spots on the rearview mirror that the driver cannot see. Therefore, car convex mirror was born as a solution to help doctors widen their perspectives. It also ensures safer driving. So car convex mirror what? Let’s find out with Vcomcar in this article.

1. What is a car convex mirror?

Car convex mirror Also called blind spot mirror. This is a type of mirror that is attached to the rearview mirror of the vehicle to help the driver see more clearly. Convex mirrors have a non-planar surface like rearview mirrors. Which has a curved shape like a spherical surface. That is why they are called convex mirrors.

What is a car convex mirror?

What is a car convex mirror?

The feature of this mirror is that the center position will be larger. This helps to widen the reflection at the edge, so the field of view is also wider than the rearview mirror.

2. Uses of convex mirrors

2.1. Eliminate blind spots, widen your field of vision

When attaching a convex mirror to the rearview mirror of a car, the driver will have a wider view than when using only the rearview mirror. Specifically, with the types car convex mirrorthe driver can observe the hidden corners, blind spots.

Eliminate blind spots, widen your field of vision

Eliminate blind spots, widen your field of vision

Spots that were previously hard to see through the rearview mirror. Blind spots are often detected mainly concentrated in the two rear quadrants. This is also the most dangerous blind spot.

2.2. Support for vision while driving

When mounting car convex mirror, the driver’s field of vision is expanded. This greatly aids in driving. The driver can clearly see the vehicles and obstacles in the hidden corner behind. Helps to handle situations of changing direction, turning, backing, parking … more easily and quickly. Thereby reducing the risk of accidents and improving traffic safety.

Support for observing while driving

Support for observing while driving

3. Types of car convex mirrors are popular on the market today

There are many models of convex mirrors on the market, the most popular of which are the following types.

3.1. Convex mirror with rim

Convex mirror with rim is a type of mirror that has a border around the mirror surface. This is also known as a mirror stand. The bezel on a convex mirror usually has two main colors, which are black and white. This type of mirror has the advantage of being cheaper than other types car convex mirror other. Prices range from 20,000 to 150,000 VND for a pair of convex mirrors with rims.

Convex mirror with rim

Convex mirror with rim

However, this type of mirror has a lot of limitations. Aesthetically, the bezel gives the mirror an unattractive look. And does not create a seamless feeling when mounted on the rearview mirror.

More specifically, the border ring also increases the occupied area of ​​the convex mirror on the rearview mirror. Meanwhile, the car rearview mirror area is inherently quite small. Therefore, the appearance of an extra ring will reduce the reflective area of ​​the rearview mirror a bit.

Besides, car convex mirror has a fixed designed edge, no 360-degree rotation axis. Therefore, the mirror only provides a fixed viewing angle. The viewing angle cannot be flexibly adjusted according to the driver.

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3.2. 360 degree convex mirror

360 degree convex mirror is also known as 360 degree rotating rearview mirror. This is a kind of convex mirror without bezel, underneath there is a 360 degree rotating shaft.

360-degree convex mirror possesses a design that is considered to be slender and beautiful. The disadvantages of convex mirrors with borders on occupying area and aesthetics are all solved by this type of mirror. When attached to the rearview mirror, the model car convex mirror This creates a seamless, luxurious look. Importantly, because the mirror has an overflow design, it does not take up much space on the rearview mirror. At the same time, it does not feel cumbersome to use.

360 degree convex mirror

360 degree convex mirror

Thanks to the integrated 360-degree rotation axis, this mirror model is superior to other convex mirrors in terms of features. The driver can adjust the tilt of the mirror in all directions using the 360-degree rotating shaft below. For example, when reversing, the driver adjusts the mirror downwards. To be able to clearly see the rear tire on the sides. This is useful for back alignment.

This spindle is not fixed, the driver can optionally choose to mount or not. However, most people opt for shaft mounting. Aimed to customize the viewing angle for each different situation. The only downside of car convex mirror 360 degrees is a rather high purchase cost. The price for a pair of mirrors will usually fall in the range of 200,000 – 330,000 VND.

3.3. Double-angle convex mirror to remove blind spots

Blind spot-removing bi-angle convex mirror is also known as triangular mirror. This type of mirror has a slightly different design compared to other types car convex mirror as above. A mirror is made up of two mirror faces that are perpendicular to each other. And installed under the rearview mirror, not directly on the rearview mirror.

Compared with other types of convex mirrors, double-angle convex mirrors remove blind spots for a wider field of view. Because there are two mirrors with two different viewing angles and each mirror is basically very wide. In addition, the mirror is not mounted directly on the rearview mirror. Therefore, it should not affect the area and viewing angle of the rearview mirror.

Double-angle convex mirror to remove blind spots

Double-angle convex mirror to remove blind spots

Like a 360-degree convex mirror, a bi-convex mirror also has an axis of rotation of 360 degrees. The driver can arbitrarily adjust the viewing angle according to needs. With two separate viewing angles, the driver can both observe the inner corner like the rear tire area. As well as observing vehicles and obstacles in the outer corner. This is the outstanding advantage of the double-angle convex mirror to remove the blind spot.

On the other hand, type car convex mirror These two corners also have the disadvantage of being quite cumbersome. Because to arrange two different viewing angles. It is imperative that the mirror be larger and heavier than other convex mirrors. When installing the mirror on the car, it looks quite bulky, rough and reduces the luxury of the car.

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4. Experience in choosing convex mirrors for cars

Although not a valuable car decoration accessory. But in order to have a clear vision, use long strawberries and drive more safely, you should choose the best and most secure products. So, when you buy car convex mirrorBuyers should note the following issues.

4.1. Surface curvature of a convex mirror

Although all kinds car convex mirror All have a mirror surface that has a certain curvature. But if you look closely you will see that each type has a different curvature. This will make the view range also different.

Although it is the same mounting position, the viewing angle is also affected by the curvature of the mirror. Same size, same mounting position but with a mirror will give a wide viewing angle. There are also mirrors that give a much narrower field of view. This is dependent on the curvature of the mirror.

Surface curvature of spherical mirror

Surface curvature of spherical mirror

The higher the curvature, the wider the viewing angle will be. On the contrary, the smaller the curvature, the narrower the viewing angle will be. Most cheap, low-quality convex mirrors have a fairly low curvature.

4.2. Mirror quality, mirror image

Face quality car convex mirror will determine the quality of the mirror image. At present, there are two types of mirror surface treatment: aluminum coated and silver coated. Silver coated mirror is a type of mirror processed by Trial method.

With this method, the mirror surface will be covered with a silver film, a copper film and two layers of waterproof paint. For aluminum coated mirrors, the surface will be covered with a layer of aluminum film and two layers of waterproof paint.

Mirror quality, mirror image

Mirror quality, mirror image

When compared with each other, silver coated mirrors generally have higher strength and reflectivity than aluminum coated mirrors. The reflectivity of the silver-coated mirror is up to more than 90%. While aluminum coated mirror is only at 75 – 85%. Therefore, silver-coated mirrors often have more clarity, wider viewing angles.

At first it was difficult to distinguish between aluminum and silver coated convex mirrors. However, after only a period of use, aluminum-coated mirrors will degrade significantly. Convex mirrors for high-end cars are usually silver coated. Opposite car convex mirror Cheap usually coated aluminum.

4.3. Car convex mirror size

On the market today, convex mirrors are very diverse in size and shape. In which, the most popular is still the circular convex mirror. In addition, mirrors come in oval, rectangular and other characteristic shapes.

Choose a convex mirror with a size and shape that matches your car’s rearview mirror. Note that pay attention to the thickness of the mirror. Because the thickness can hinder or damage the vehicle if the size is not suitable.

Car convex mirror size

Car convex mirror size

5. Instructions on how to install a convex mirror for the rearview mirror of a car

How to install car convex mirror It’s quite simple, you can completely install it at home. In a set of convex mirrors, there will be adhesive pads. When installing, just use this glue to stick the mirror to the rearview mirror.

Note: Before installing the convex mirror, make sure that the rearview mirror has been adjusted to the correct position. Most people adjust their rearview mirror so that they can see part of the car. However, this is not considered correct.

In fact, you only need to see a small part of the vehicle. To be able to compare the distance with other vehicles in traffic. Accordingly, the rearview mirror has the main function of assisting the driver to observe the side and rear of the vehicle. After you have adjusted, you can determine where to install the mirror.

Instructions on how to install convex mirrors for cars

Instructions on how to install convex mirrors for cars

5.1. Step 1: Determine the position to install the convex mirror

The first step, we need to determine the right place to paste car convex mirror. This position can be directly on the rearview mirror surface, or located in the outer and inner corners. Depending on the angle the driver wants to increase visibility.

However, the most common mounting position is still the corner under the outer edge of the rearview mirror. As for the double-angle convex mirror to remove blind spots, the most suitable mirror position is below the rearview mirror. Note that you should choose a location with the surface as flat as possible.

5.2. Step 2: Clean the mirror paste position

After you have determined the position to paste, the next thing you need to do is clean the paste position. Because the rearview mirror is prone to a lot of dirt. If you stick it right away, it will reduce the adhesion of the glue. Therefore, it should be cleaned thoroughly before gluing. You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to wipe it again.

5.3. Step 3: Install the convex mirror into the rearview mirror of the car

After cleaning, proceed to open one side of the adhesive, then stick it on the back of the car convex mirror. Press firmly with your hand to ensure the glue adheres firmly to the mirror. Next, you open the remaining glue, stick it on the rearview mirror and then press firmly so that the two glues stick together.

Finally, wait a few minutes for the glue to dry and check the mirror’s strength again. After installing the convex mirror to the car, you should avoid washing the car or going out in the rain for 1-3 days. In order to prevent the glue layer from soaking in water and peeling off.

Steps to install a convex mirror

Steps to install a convex mirror

Above, Vcomcar introduced readers to an overview of car convex mirror. Hopefully, through this article, you can choose the most suitable convex mirror for your car.

At the same time, you can confidently install mirrors at home, ensuring safety for traffic participants. In addition, if you need to find out more information related to cars, please contact us for more detailed support.

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